“Those who discover a beautiful meaning in beautiful things are cultured.”
Oscar Wilde

The change of the sunlight, the reflexions of the water, the moving of the white clouds. In the course of the day the light changes, from clear white to red when the sun disappears at the horizon. Blue light shines on the chrome surface, like the sea in between sky and beach. A stylish ambience and extraordinary furnishings are supported by beautiful things with an invisible technology that works. True luxury can be found where you feel good.

“Surround me with luxury.
I can do without the necessary.”
Oscar Wilde

The emitting light of the Nautiluma is unique. The LED RGBY’s cast a spectrum that correspond close to the sunlight. The desired colour – from clear white (as the midday sun) to reddish (as the sun sinking into the sea) changes by a slight touch of the shell. Each Nautilus is unique, every lamp is unique. Limited Edition: The Nautiluma is being made in a limited quantity of 300 units Enclosed/attached you will receive the certificate with the number which is also embedded in the acrylic block.

Design and Constructor: Dipl. Ing. Bernd Mitecki
Copying only with written permission by Bernd Mitecki.
Technologie made in Germany.

Technical description
Dimensions: L=280mm, D=180mm, H=220mm
For all voltages worldwide.
Controlling of lighting colour through Nauca powerline system.

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